From the fryer and into… brown bags?

Posted On March 6, 2008

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Yes, Haruhi. That’s exactly what I felt like when I was in lunch today.

tsukagi-48.jpgGood day, everyone. I’m kame-chan, the sis of koneko-chan and chigaimasu. I’ll try my best to be another writer on this blog. Although I’m having my hands full of school work and other activities, I’ll pop in some posts when I can. Anyway… Let’s start!

Just last week, there has been quite a ruckus at my high school. During 4th period lunch, there was a student who made a statement in front of everyone, saying that the prices of the food in the cafeteria were too high. I have 5th period lunch so I was unable to witness this event but, of course, the word of this has already spread throughout the school at an amazing rate. I was informed by this incident when changing from 5th to 6th period. I thought it that this might have been just a joke and won’t last until tomorrow. I was mistaken.

The next day just brought about more chaos. The student who made that “courageous” statement made a petition and went around his lunch period asking the students to sign it. This brought uneasiness to the faculty and suspended him but it was already too late. Other students started to join his side and support his thoughts. While some students started to support him, their friends also joined in which caused a chain reaction throughout the school. By the end of Friday, there were texts being sent to the rest of the student body which said, “Don’t buy lunch on Monday! Bring your own lunch!” I started to feel the same uneasiness as the faculty.

Monday arrived and there were so many brown bags in the hallway that it was impossible for me to count them. As I changed from class to class, there was at least one person yelling, “Don’t buy lunch!” repeatedly. 5th period came and almost everyone had brought their own lunch. I went over to the lunch line and there were only 2 people (not including the lunch ladies). I decided to buy lunch as well since I lack the time and items to create my own lunch the day before or morning of. When the 2 students came out before me, they were boo’d for a good whole minute but no one noticed me. When I went back to my seat, I looked around and saw that there was a huge line by the vending machines. I couldn’t help but laugh because aren’t you using more money for a small portion of food? In the end, they were still giving the school their cash.

By the end of 5th period, there were about 6 people (not including teachers) who actually bought their lunch. According to my other classmates, there were less people who bought lunch during their periods. After school, more texts came in congratulating everyone who brought there own lunch and telling them to keep it up for the rest of the week. Another day passes and it’s getting a bit better. I received news saying that the food company will “negotiate” about the dilemma. At lunch, there were some prices that got lowered but most of the students were still willing to boycott. There were a bit more people who bought lunch, yet it wasn’t enough for me to feel safe about the issue.


Look at Lelouch smile as the food company lowers the prices for us.

Eventually, the food company won’t allow lowering anymore prices. When that happens, the students will just be shortening the amount of food that’s being served if they continue. Since cafeteria food is frozen, they’re also helping the school save money because they don’t have to buy a lot more supplies. I believe one problem that will come up for the school is the pay for the lunch ladies. If the school can’t give the lunch ladies their pay, they have all the right to raise the prices more. If it still becomes a hassle, the school could cancel events or activities to pay off the lunch ladies. I really doubt my schoolmates would really want that to happen.

What anime would this be related to? I, personally, couldn’t find an anime (that I’ve seen) that was able to directly relate to this incident. With the help of bro (koneko-chan), the only anime we could think of was Code Geass. I know, I know. Code Geass may not be the right anime but if you take it from a different perspective, they are quite similar. Like in Code Geass, the incident started when a person decided to go against what was happening around them. As they started to push their opinion through, they were backed up by a group of supporters (whether they agreed with them or because they thought it was awesome). When time went by, the group started to cause fear into the opponent(s) they were going against. Anyway… If anyone has a better anime to compare this to, please tell me. I’m willing to hear and watch it on my free time. Well, the boycott is still going on today. I’ll be amazed if it lasts the rest of the week…


4 Responses to “From the fryer and into… brown bags?”

  1. The Animanachronism

    I appreciate that this is obscure, but you could also relate this to Gasaraki, in which the final showdown revolves around the price of food. Odd for a ‘serious’ mecha show, but there you go.

  2. Charz

    I like the way you’re seeing life through anime.

  3. Spirit of Justice « NeoShinka

    […] 6, 2008 in Code Geass, FunnyTags: Code Cafeteria, Code Geass Nice story about a Code Cafeteria, Lelouch of the Food Rebellion No Comments Leave a Commenttrackback addressThere was an error with your comment, please try […]

  4. IcyStorm

    Stupid kids don’t think about what they’re doing… it won’t last. It’s not one of those GOOD causes that people actually can last through.

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