A request from your fellow blogger: Worksafe Anime Wallpaper

Posted On June 7, 2008

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There are a ton of people at work with Aegis-related stuff in their cubicles. They’ll probably think that I’m on crack if I tell them that bubbles and foam can take down the USS Arleigh Burke. The one thing I don’t understand from that Geass episode is why they used so many DDGs in such a tight formation. You’d think Britannia would only need about a few in a loose formation with a backup group (especially since the Britannian DDGs look like USN’s DDG-1000 with the technology). Sigh. I guess the USN > the Britannian Navy when it comes to search and detect ASW technology.

whitehatazn-48.jpgOnce again, my work consumed most of my time these past few weeks as we scramble to get more testing done. And once again, work has taken time away from anime watching (let alone blogging). I’ve been so out of the loop with the spring season set (Geass R2 and Vampire Knight being the only two shows I’m following consistently). I can’t even remember where I left off from some of the older shows I was watching (with my myanimelist being outdated). With the summer season looming around the corner, hopefully I can get back to watching regularly.

Today, instead of the normal anime thesis post (I don’t have any anime technology designs in my head right now), I’m putting a callout for another “What is a good anime wallpaper?” discussion. In this case, I’m asking: “What is a good methodology for an anime wallpaper for your work computer?” I would like to have some anime wallpaper for my work laptop screen which is somewhat reflective of my anime fandom (I run dual screens with the company logo on my monitor screen). I don’t care for any mainstream anime wallpaper (Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote, etc.). I had put up wallpapers of sola and Clannad before.

My main concern with anime wallpapers in the workplace is the classic “What will my fellow coworkers think about this?”. Given that the shows I tend to watch lean towards the moe side of the moe-gar spectrum, I feel like I run the risk of being perceived as a weirdo or receive an obscene material work infraction or both. So I need some suggestions as to how to spout my anime fandom at work. Is there any specific anime, layout or theme behind your anime wallpaper on your office computer? What about the rest of your desk area? What do you do to decorate your cubicle to make it a shining temple of anime fandom (or in my case, a moe shrine)? Someone from the white-collar otaku workforce has to have thought of this before.


6 Responses to “A request from your fellow blogger: Worksafe Anime Wallpaper”

  1. Caitlin

    I’m not sure if this is your thing but I find that Miyazaki wallpapers are generally okay, particularly ones that have more nature (or Totoro). I haven’t tested this in a workplace environment but never received the odd look in coffee shops. Sometimes started conversations that way. As for office decorations, I don’t have any decorations period. It seems to be frowned on.

  2. reboman

    I love questions like this because I get to show off my cubicle.


    I use to have a totally different set of wallscrolls/posters, and instead of the DVD boxes/figures, I had a bunch of plush things. [Mainly Pokemon.]

    But as for wallpaper, I don’t know what specifically you like, but at work so far, I’ve used that Lucky Star wallpaper in the picture and currently am using one of Churuya [like the one here: http://that.animeblogger.net/2006/09/02/nyoro-summer-wallpaper/%5D.

    Obviously, anything with nudity or fanservice is bad, as is too many girls, perhaps, which is why I’m not using the Kanon wallpaper at work that I do at home. Magical Girl stuff is probably bad. Yotsuba is good.

    Next, I think I’ll use the Azumanga Osaka Gundam one. That would get peoples’ attention who have seen either show, and is just interesting and funny in general.

  3. bobofet

    oh man down here is australia if i had a cubicle like that i would either be fired or ridiculed for the rest of my life 😛 😦 ahh the differences in society….:P

  4. nckl

    > Given that the shows I tend to watch
    > lean towards the moe side of the moe-gar
    > spectrum, I feel like I run the risk of being
    > perceived as a weirdo …

    My friend of mine is a huge loli fan and he has exactly the same problem. As of yet, he hasn’t figured out a solution to this problem either. I honestly cannot see any way around it if you’re scared about what others may think, especially in a workplace setting. You can perhaps try hiding your desktop everytime someone walks by, but that’s more trouble than it’s worth …

    @reboman – jeebus man. Do you work at a company that deals with anime in any way? Or is the company you work for really liberal and lax when it comes to decorating your workplace? I’m just wondering because in all the places I’ve worked before, there’s absolutely no way I could get away with that!

  5. reboman

    Nah, it’s a medical software company. They’re just very permissive with decorations, as long as they’re not inappropriate and not distracting you or anyone else. There are a lot of other people with pretty novel setups as well.

  6. koneko-chan

    @ Caitlin: I’m not that big of a fan of Miyazaki so that’s kinda out of the question. Part of the reason I want to decorate my cubicle is for the possible conversation. But I want the conversation to start from something outside of the mainstream and with someone who would be more knowledgeable.

    @ reboman: Wow. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what to say here but I’ll give it a shot…

    A software development company, eh? I find my work is pretty lay back in general. I know a few of coworkers form the software engineering group who have their own shines to WoW. My group (systems engineering) is pretty lay back as well. The only issue is that we work with the customer. So I’m not sure how things would go if a Navy officer in a design presentation saw Kanon in the desktop background.

    With that said, your cube is both impressive and a bit excessive. I probably won’t go that far in my cube (especially since non-lead engineers have shared cubicles). Maybe if I work my way up to get a manager’s office…

    @ nckl: It’s not so much about being embarrassed or ashamed (since I’m apparently willing to spout my views on a blog). I’m more concerned about it being something larger than it really should be. Remember, it only takes one person to be offended to make this something of an unnecessary problem with possible risks to your employment. This post was a request to find suggestions on how to teeter on that dividing line for someone who is a fan of more than just the safer pure-mecha or pure-mainstream anime.

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