Good Anime/Bad Ending or Bad Anime/Good Ending?


One word: Bang.

tsukagi-48.jpgA few weeks ago, Aniki came down with a bug. It wasn’t a serious illness to be honest. It was a bug that only lasted that night. The bug was the extreme urge to rewatch the ending of animes he has already seen. I don’t know what caused it, but I’ll explain what happened.

That night, I was talking to Aniki online about the Top 300 Anime Songs ranked by votes in 2chan. Then, suddenly, he told me that he was rewatching the ending of Cowboy Bebop. For those who haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it. All I will say is that both Aniki and I believe it’s one of the best anime endings that we have ever seen. Anyway, after he finished watching that, he started to watch the last 2 episodes of Ouran High School Host Club. When he finished watching that, he started asking what animes, that we have both seen, have good endings. Personally, I couldn’t think of anime off the top of my head. I actually went straight to manga.

That night, I finished reading the manga version of Elfen Lied because I watched the anime version with the request from my best friend. To me, the manga version of Elfen Lied had a much better ending than the anime, but sometimes, that’s to be expected since the manga version is more detailed and isn’t closed in by time slots on TV. Another good manga ending that I though of was Chrono Crusade. Instead of my usual, watch the anime first then read the manga, I actually read the manga before watching the anime. The manga changed my view a bit when I watched the anime, but both endings were decent. In this case though, I leaned more to the manga ending more than the anime ending.

Of course, most people would ignore an anime with a bad plot in addition to a bad ending but, what about the split animes? The ones that have a good plot, but an ending which hinders it or vice versa. Here’s my question: Would you rewatch a good anime when you know it has a bad ending? You can also take that question in reverse and ask yourself: Would you rewatch a bad anime just to reach its good ending? As for the bad plot/good ending anime, some of you may say that they would just watch the ending. Well, what if you don’t remember everything that happened in the previous episodes and they led up to the ending you adore? I remember Aniki telling me once that he sort of liked the plot of Elemental Gelade, but disliked the ending. I don’t know if that’s the sole reason why he refuses to rewatch the anime, but it’s possible. As for me, I can take Spiral and say that the anime had a really good plot, but an iffy type of ending. However, I would rewatch the anime despite disliking the ending. (Though, I really loved the manga version.) As for a bad plot/good ending anime, it would depend on the anime. I haven’t seen many animes with that type of combination, but if I must name one, I would say Da Capo. The plot wasn’t really getting me, but the ending caught my attention. If I had the time (and was bored enough) I would definitely give Da Capo a second look.

I don’t expect many, let alone any of you to reply to my question. However, feel free to think about it while you watch your anime or read your manga.


3 Responses to “Good Anime/Bad Ending or Bad Anime/Good Ending?”

  1. keikakudoori

    Bad endings (not badly done endings) always ensure that I will remember that show no matter how much time passes. This is probably true for others as well. Let’s take Berserk for example. I and a lot of people didn’t like the ending it until they found out that there’s a manga still ongoing. I can assure you that the anime the anime had I will not forget.

    I haven’t read that much manga but I did read Elfen Lied and I also liked the manga ending better. It wasn’t like the anime one. I know of Chrno Crusade but only the anime version so I was under the impression that the manga and the anime had the same ending.

    I usually either watch the anime or read the anime unless they’re both different/reach a different ending. I don’t usually like tragic endings. They make me feel like I wasted time watching the anime only so the main characters can get a bad ending or sucky one in the end. It seems too unfair. So to answer your question, there’s a lower chance that I’d watch it again if that were the case.

  2. TopAnimes.Net

    have you tried the “the girl who leapt through time”? try reading it it’s so much fun!

  3. kame-chan

    @keikakudoori: I’m probably the only one of my otaku friends who’d rewatch a bad ending (one when the main characters are screwed over) and/or a badly done ending if I have the time…

    @TopAnimes: I haven’t read it. I have the movie on DVD though.

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