Go Big or Go Home?


Nagi-sama! Nagi-sama! Nagi-sama!!!!

Since my old blog has met its demise, I had to postpone this post. Finally, I was able to start this blog last night and now I can post this. One weekend, my family went to visit John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. I happened to forgot that the same weekend was Otakon 2009 weekend, even though Nii-chan and Aniki reminded me the other night. We decided not to register for Otakon 2009 because we’re all too lazy to drive 3 hours out of the way and sleep in Baltimore for 2 nights. Well, after the usual look around the campus, I wanted to go watch cosplayers do crazy stuff. Our parents went to watch a movie while I went with Aniki and Nii-chan to watch random cosplayers go by in front of the shopping plaza. Since we couldn’t actually go inside the convention center, we entertained ourselves by doing something that we do for any convention. (There are spoilers if you have not watched Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann or Code Geass R2 coming up).

At first, Nii-chan and Aniki were rating cosplayers from 1-5. We didn’t have any cardboard to write numbers on them so we just spoke amongst ourselves. Eventually, that got really boring, so Aniki looked at characters from anime/games that he knew/played and tried to figure out what would get the cosplayer a 10 out of 5. How would that happen? Well,  a Vincent Valentine cosplayer would “have to transform. Whether it be an imp or whatever, he has to transform.” A Lelouch cosplayer (in his Brittania clothes) would “have to be stabbed in the heart by a Zero cosplayer… With an epic fall.” The entire afternoon, Nii-chan, Aniki, and I were doing that for all the cosplays that we knew of. A Rinoa cosplayer had to hijack a train. A C.C. cosplayer had to get shot in the forehead. An Aang cosplayer had to bend air while his pet had to fly. The really nice Melfina cosplayer had to be able to talk while sealed inside a capsule of water. One of my classmates was there dressed up as Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, so I told her (yes, she likes to cosplay as long haired guys) she would have to turn her rose into a thorny whip. She was upset. I gave her a hug anyway.


So, Polka-nee-san would have to jump off a cliff, head down, to get 10 out of 5. Ganbatte~!

Eventually, that got quite boring to an extent. Nii-chan decided merge the environment of the convention with Aniki’s game. So, we saw a few Kamina cosplayers around that day. For them to “Go Big”, they would have had to have died while saving the life of a Simon cosplayer during the concert on that Friday. For the Tsukasa (from .hack//sign) cosplayer to “Go Big”, he would have had to have gotten lost at the convention center for the entire three days, day and night. The rare Mio Akiyama cosplayer (in her “Don’t say lazy” outfit) would have to be in a karaoke bar with her bouquet and disappear after it sets on fire.

Overall, it was a fun day. It occupied most of our time at Baltimore. If I ever get bored at a convention, I play that game in my head. It’s a fun, non-harming way to pass time. Whenever you need to pass time at a convention, feel free to play the game in your head. Maybe you’ll be able to create better scenarios for characters that I have/haven’t stated here.


One Response to “Go Big or Go Home?”

  1. Josm

    You guys sure know how to deal with your boredom issues, ^^;

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