First Cosplay – My Saturday at NYAF 2009

Posted On September 28, 2009

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bbOh Bumblebee. Everywhere I turned, you were there.

The title is self-explanatory: At NYAF 2009, I finally cosplayed for the first time. I really loved the cosplay as well. It was cute, simple, and comfy. I bet you’re wondering who I cosplayed as. Well, the mystery character is…

Azusa Nakano from K-ON. Yes, I was that cosplayer if you saw me wandering around Saturday. I saw many “Don’t Say Lazy” Mio and Yui cosplayers, as well as the winter uniform Mio and Yui version, but I was the only Azusa cosplayer there. Now, I’ll just talk about what I did that day. First thing I did was wander around the dealer’s room, mostly because, you’re instantly in the dealer’s room when you get into the convention. About an hour after wandering around, I got my first request for a picture (it was from a guy who was dressed up as Kyon). I also saw a lot of people wearing “Free Hugz” signs. The funniest sign I saw went something like: “I am in need of a girlfriend T.T” or along those lines. I was really tempted to hug the guy wearing that sign. After that, I went to watch the Counter-Strike tourney going on in the World Cyber Games competition. I haven’t seen a Counter-Strike game being played for awhile so it was very nostalgic.

When we (Nii-chan, Aniki, and Aniki’s roomie were with me) were done, we went to eat lunch then came back for Anime: Press Your Luck. I received my second picture request inside the panel while they were setting up. Since Nii-chan and I were there last year, we were expecting major technology difficulties like before. Well, they occured. At least the questions this year were a bit easier than before and the host was still upbeat and funny. Despite the bad technician, I’ll have to admit that Anime: Press Your Luck, definitely made my day.

girlsI give props to the people who made this shirt.

After that, we decided to check out the Charity Auction like we did last year. I ended up meeting a Battler Ushiromiya cosplayer who was able to identify me from K-ON. When his friend heard that, he took a second glanced and figured out that I was Azusa. I was psyched that more people were able to figure out who I was. Anyway, the auction was on/off with exciting moments. Not a lot of competition with betting when something really rare was set for auction. Other times, the hosts were just really funny. I totally would have taken that hug.

The rest of the day, I was either in the dealer’s room, art gallery, or in the area for the World Cyber Gaming tournament. Someone in the art gallery complimented me on my cosplay, and I received another request for a picture when walking through the corridor where the panels were. To be honest, I was mostly watching the tournament. The Gears of War 2 competition had me off of my chair most of the time, and the Guitar Hero: World Tour made me wonder how people can hit all those notes in a row without missing one of them. I didn’t find anything that I really wanted to buy, but I guess it wasn’t too bad. I don’t want to put up a picture of myself in my cosplay outfit on here, so I’ll just show two pictures of my guitar:

frontYes, it is a spray-painted Guitar Hero guitar.

backI had to electrical tape the Amp cord so it wouldn’t hit anyone while I was walking.


2 Responses to “First Cosplay – My Saturday at NYAF 2009”

  1. Josm

    You guys did a really good job on the guitar paint ._.

  2. nerdygirlymimi

    Just want you to know…this is what I aspire to do one day…and by that I mean be totally awesome.

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