Seitokai no Ichizon – A flashback to reality

Posted On October 13, 2009

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studentcounciljudgementI hope it’s just a coincidence. I hope it’s just a coincidence… WHY!?

While I was watching some of the first episodes of some of the Fall 2009 anime, I decided to take a swing at Seitokai no Ichizon for comedy. The first episode definitely bombarded you with random anime references, but I got a few laughs out of it. Further into the episode, something from my memory hit me really hard: The Seitokai is just like my Animation club. Even though I didn’t want to believe it, the second episode mostly supported this fact.

To get this out of the way, ever since I created the Animation club at my high school, there has been only ONE male each year. The rest were female.  Amazingly, all the females in my club almost totally fit the personalities of their corresponding character of Seitokai no Ichizon.

Kurimu Sakurano – She represents me. She’s the President of the Setokai like I’m the President of the Animation club. She’s short, cute, and definitely lolibait. Sadly, I’ve been described like that as well. I have trouble keeping the club on common grounds like she has trouble with the Setokai. I think the only things that are different are that I’m the smartest one of the group and only talk as much as her when it comes to anime.

Minatsu Shiina – There’s a slight change with position on this one. In the Seitokai, Minatsu is the Vice Pres. In my Animation club, her counterpart is our Treasurer. That’s the only thing that’s different though. They’re both on the tomboy/athletic side and are always reading a manga of somesort. Amazingly, my Treasurer is only good in Math when it comes to academics, just like Minatsu. Mathematics is her only honors class.

Chizuru Akaba – The Secretary of the Animation club is almost exactly like Chizuru. They’re both have long brown hair as well as a huge amount of talent. She always plays hard to get and tends to be reading something whenever I take a glance at her. I believe the only things different are that my Animation club Secretary is hot-headed compared to Chizuru and she is definitely not an honor student.

Mafuyu Shiina – Another slight change with position. In Seitokai, Mafuyu is the Treasurer. In my Animation club, her counterpart is our Vice Pres. Funny change up isn’t it? Our Vice Pres. and Treasurer aren’t siblings though. Anyway, my Vice Pres is probably the closest one when it comes to similarity. She always has her Gameboy DS with her and can almost always make an anime or manga reference from a sentence. Her best subject is English, like how Mafuyu’s subject is Japanese. The things that is different is that she isn’t all that soft-spoken like Mafuyu. I would say that she’s the most out-going one of the entire Animation club.

As for the male counterpart for Ken Sugisaki, we haven’t gotten a member who’s similar to him yet. Maybe his counterpart will come this year when the Animation Club starts rolling again in November. Also, our moderator is a male art teacher, so he definitely doesn’t correspond to the Seitokai moderator. This year, I’m hoping we could make a small 4-koma book full of our high school jokes, Central Jersey jokes, and any type of random joke we can think of. Hopefully, we’ll be able to sell it at the Art Festival at our school that’s always at the end of the year. Oh well, if we get it going, that’s in the near future. It’s more like a final senior project since our Vice Pres, Treasurer, and I are going to graduate this year.


3 Responses to “Seitokai no Ichizon – A flashback to reality”

  1. Josm

    Strange coincidence? Or a stereotype of animation clubs in anime form? I’ll let you decide. 😛

  2. kame-chan

    I think it’s a strange coincidence, Momo. I’m pretty sure that most animation clubs wouldn’t have mostly females and only ONE guy. Well, who knows…

  3. kevo

    I know the one time I went to animation club the male to female ratio was at least six.

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