Happy (Anime) Veterans Day!

Posted On November 11, 2009

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The following pictures are a tribute to those anime characters who have died (no matter what the cause), those who have disappeared, and those who are still alive, keeping our anime lives safe and fun. [The pictures are in no particular order *Note: More words at the end of post*]








Thank you for sacrificing your time to entertain us (and possibly get killed in the process). You all will never be forgotten (even to those who I haven’t placed their picture in this tribute). Also, thank you to the real veterans out there who are keeping us safe while I’m typing up this post. Your commitment will always be in our hearts some way or another. Happy Veterans Day! (and Welcome Home!) *salutes*


2 Responses to “Happy (Anime) Veterans Day!”

  1. Yumeka

    Great collection of pics! =D

  2. ovie

    wah,,,kawaii . . so,what name anime that (Up) firsT …..

    so,,,cool ^^ i like them ,,,

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