Animated Children Shows – Jap. vs Amer.?

Posted On December 3, 2009

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Did you know? A koala’s appendix is about 2 meters long.

I remember the age when I started to believe that watching animated children shows just wasn’t cool. However, when I watch them now, I still love them as much as I did when I was a child. Some people may believe that I’m crazy, but I believe that the little bits of information they give children while adding their own animation twist is nice. Recently, I’ve been watching clips of some of my old shows and comparing them to clips from Japanese children shows (animated ones of course). To be perfectly honest, I believe that the Japanese ones are more informative in a worldly/scientific way while the American ones (not all of them are made by Americans but I’m generalizing) are informative in a relationship way. Anyway, let’s get this started. Which is better, a worldly/scientific standpoint of learning or a relationship standpoint?

First of all, I’m doing a generalization of Japanese and American children shows. I have not watched every single children show. Second of all, let me explain my views on a Japanese type of animated children show compared to an American type. Out of the ones I’ve seen from Japan (Pitagora Suichi [part of it is animated so it counts], Mameshiba), they either contain an explanation for a reaction or a random fun fact about the world. Out of the ones I’ve seen from America (Pokemon[should that count?], Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer), they mostly contain some sort of bond between characters and a lesson from the relationship to boot.

Benefits of Japanese Animated Children Shows: Better insight on the small things about the world (like a squid has 3 hearts and a ribbon stays up in the air when a balloon is below it due to static friction) as well as active dances that require children to get more than one person.

Benefits of American Animated Children Shows: Better insight on the problems and benefits of friendships and other relationships as well as some action (in a form of fighting if you look at Pokemon) to entertain the child. They also have dances, but most are usually done by themselves.

Did you know? Blue is a girl.

Now then, which one is better? To me, it would’ve been nice to expand my knowledge of the world than seeing the same problems, that come from relationships, being solved differently, causing different consequences. Then again, that’s just me. I’m a sucker when it comes to expanding my knowledge about something I’m interested in. I also felt that I learned more from watching the Japanese type of animated children shows compared to the American type.

So for me… Japanese animation all the way, whether you’re a little kid, a teenager, or a creepy otaku who’s still living in their Mom’s basement (Yeah, basement!). However, I still love my old American shows *goes back to watching Blue’s Clues*


5 Responses to “Animated Children Shows – Jap. vs Amer.?”

  1. Karry

    “Benefits of American Animated Children Shows: Better insight on the problems and benefits of friendships ”

    Its ironic then, that USA is now one of the most violent nations in the world, having occupation bases in 100+ nations and killing foreign civilians almost daily.

  2. Kairu

    I’ll go with American cartoons in this case. Japanese kiddy show sucks. Japan is just good with ‘so moe’ type and fanservice.

  3. kame-chan

    @Karry: Never thought of looking that up. Thanks for the heads up. Well, it’s interesting to look at it that way. Not all relationships pan out the way you want though. Violence doesn’t solve everything either.

    @Kairu: Not necessarily. Most Japanese anime has fanservice and they’re pretty good with it, but then again, what non-children show doesn’t have some sort of fanservice? As for “so moe”, I won’t agree with that as well. Moe isn’t a genre after all. It’s just a word to describe a general opinion: that something is sooo cute that it’s “moe”. Not all animations are supposedly like that, but the viewers may believe that a character could be moe.

  4. Tsu

    I agree, Japanese kid’s cartoons are WAY more informative than English/American cartoons.

    For example;

    • Marina

      hahaha, that is too funny. Thanks for posting that vid and giving me a good laugh!

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