Ending Thoughts – Fall Season 2009 Review

That is one upset pig.

While Christmas is around the corner, as well as the Winter Season 2010, I’ll admit that Fall 2009 wasn’t bad, but not too great either. There are a few that definitely deserved my attention from beginning to end, and some that made me wonder why I kept at it. I guess I watched them to pass time and avoid doing homework. I know I’m probably writing this post early since some of the anime didn’t end yet, but oh well. Anyway, I’ll start reviewing the anime I watched during the season.

11eyes – Sort of deserved my attention. I have to admit, it was a good example that the main characters aren’t always on the “Justice” side. The main characters believed that they were right, because they were trying to survive. However, they didn’t know how their existence… actually, more like their real purpose of living… was so dangerous. It was a nice perspective to look at now that I think about it.

Darker than Black Season 2 – Definitely deserved my attention. When DtB wants to get something done, it gets it done, perfectly. Everyone who has been following DtB would agree, especially for episode 10. We even got a “relatively normal” Hei back as well, so I’m happy. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the end will pan out.

Kampfer – Not really worth my attention. Another harem anime that technically didn’t have an ending. I really wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this unless they like seeing the main guy character turn into a girl. At least I got my reason to hate Kaede even more. Woo!

Kobato – Sort of worth my attention. I’m still really annoyed by Kobato’s personality but I’m slowly getting used to it. It’s progressing slowly and I’m expecting a second season since her flask is barely half-way.  I could be wrong since there are a few more episodes left.

Letter Bee – Definitely deserved my attention. I love the plot, the characters, and the perspectives (as a mailman/mailwoman). I’m hoping for a second season because I don’t think Lag will be able to fulfill his objective in the 3 episodes left. If there is a second season, I am definitely watching it.

He’s more surprised than I am. Umm… Unya~?

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza – Not really worth my attention. I won’t agree that this is a harem. Sure, there are multiple girls that like Yuuto, but it’s obvious that the only person that has a chance is Haruka. There are at most 2 descriptive episodes of the other girls, with no chance of being “lovey-dovey”, then goes back to Yuuto x Haruka. Actually, about 85% of the anime is Yuuto x Haruka. The other girls had no chance what-so-ever. Other than that, I sort of don’t like how naive Haruka is and how Yuuto’s only redeeming point is being extremely nice.

Nyan Koi! – Sort of worth my attention. I liked the relative plot (by trying to redeem himself from a cat curse). Of course, there wasn’t much progress between the main guy and the girl he likes. There’s even a possibility that the curse will win (being that he became a nekomimi on the penultimate episode). I don’t think the anime can finish with one episode left unless something goes horribly wrong. I guess I’ll have to wait.

Sasameki Koto – Sort of worth my attention. I was fine in the beginning when Murasame didn’t talk a lot, but after the anime went more into her personality, I became, bleh. I thought it was going to be mostly about, trying to find Ushio a girlfriend, but I was wrong. I still like watching it because there may be a chance that Murasame will score and Tomoe is amusing to watch.

Seitokai no Ichizon – Deserved my attention. Seitokai was the right anime I needed as a comedy. I was laughing at the beginning, then adoring the ending on how serious and close the characters are. I’m totally for Ken x Minatsu, though I believe that Ken and Chizuru are the parent figures for Kurimu and Ken is the “O-nii-san” figure for Mafuyu. I re-watch the episodes when I have time and I love the bgm. Of course it has no plot, but I was only looking for laughs from it anyway.

Shin Koihime Musou – Not really worth my attention. It was mostly about befriending new people while going on a journey. There was definitely more ecchi in this season than the first season. Of course, there wasn’t much progression. Though, the past episode ended with chaos so I’m assuming something similar to the end of the first season is going to occur.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Deserved my attention. It started off slow with a bit of comedy. The recent episodes picked up the pace and I’m expecting quite a battle like the one from episode 11. I can imagine a sequel about Misaka’s revolt against the Academy. She’ll have to survive the upcoming battle first.

Aww! Chizuru is so cute! Mukyu!

Other animes I’ve been following are from Spring and Summer Season 2009: Cross Game and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. They both get a “sort of worth my attention”. Cross Game is a really good anime about baseball with a slice of life, but when it tried to slow down, it slowed down a bit too much. As for Umineko, the change of arcs wasn’t all that bad. I expected it to be honest. However, due to multiple “games”, I’m sort of confused on the objective. Battler is trying to deny witches, but inside Rokkenjima, he’s accepting them (sometimes). And can’t he see how the deaths occur from his view above the “game board”? Maybe I should just re-watch the episodes to try to answer my own questions.

As for Winter 2010, I have a few anime in mind although the line-up isn’t concrete yet. I’ll adapt if the line-up is different than the current chart.


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