Start of the New Year – Wanted Plots/Perspectives for Anime

Posted On January 7, 2010

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They’re so cute together, but another perspective of school life.

After having an entertaining Christmas (playing Soul Calibur IV with cousins, being entertained by Little Big Planet Engineering, and eating melon pan), I have to set my mind back to posting. So, the first post of the year (despite my New Years post), will be about this: What type of plots/perspectives would you like to see as an anime? Most anime out there, most that I’ve seen that is, takes the perspective of school life (whether it’s realistic or not). Of course, there’s different variations of that perspective, such as harem, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, straight love (I don’t know what you would call that in otaku terms), etc. Actually, almost every anime has at least one school girl in it. Anyway, here’s what I would like to see.

Seiyuus – There was White Album, taking the perspective of a soon-to-be-popular singer (though, it fell off the face-of-the-earth for me half-way into the first season) and Beck, taking the perspective of a band. Maybe there should be one about the perspective of a seiyuu. Maybe it’ll never happen because it wouldn’t be all that interesting. I’d like to see it if it was possible.

Sports – Okay okay. I know there’s already one about Tennis, Baseball, and Basketball, and there aren’t many “games” that Japan adapted from America, but they could try to do research on other sports, like hockey (I’d love to see an intensely, animated hockey game). They wouldn’t have to interview a player because they could make up their own perspective from the information on the internet!

Classes – Alright. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy bringing this one up. There’s a lot of anime in the high school perspective about clubs, so classes aren’t too far apart. Moderator/Teacher, check. Members/Students, check. Crazy amount of comedy… that’s up to the producers (which is most likely a check). Why classes? Well, 1) You can probably learn something new, and 2) I think it would be awesome if there was an anime about Chemistry labs (that’s still a class). Though, all that education might kill the viewers…

Books/Manga – I don’t have any off the top of my head. Most of the manga I read were already animated afterall. As for books, the first thing that popped was Dante’s Inferno, but that’s already being animated and will probably be released in the near future.

Hmm. Now that I think about it, high school life is probably the most interesting other than the usual supernatural humans and creatures. All that drama and possible fanservice will always appeal to someone. Oh well, maybe I just wanted to blurt out my thoughts.


One Response to “Start of the New Year – Wanted Plots/Perspectives for Anime”

  1. Josm

    My personal perfect anime probably wouldn’t contain high school drama (seeing as my girlfriend has been stuffing Degrassi down my throat whenever I come over), but it’s interesting to see thoughts on this from another perspective. 😀

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