Getting Shafted – Is it the Hair?

Posted On January 15, 2010

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Sasha. What’s with that cut on your face?

While trying to set up my Winter 2010 listing, I decided to check out Seikon no Qwaser. After watching the first episode, I noticed something: The anime male characters (rarely the females) that get the special abilities/curses usually have grey with some-what spikey, hair (which is not due to aging). After surfing my memory bank for a good whole hour, I figured out that female characters who have pink and long (not in any ponytail) hair usually have the most appealing personality and looks, but never get the guy (or gets rocked before they could). Is the reason for their failure (at being a normal human or being loved) because of their hair? Below are characters that fit my thought process…

Male Characters

Lag Seeing (His eye embedded with spirit amber)

Zero Kiryuu (Being half-vampire and a vampire hunter)

Yukito Kunisaki (Able to use magic)

Inuyasha (Half-demon half-human)

Allen Walker (His cursed eye)

Ginko (Mushi-shi missing an eye [special cause of course])

Eyes Rutherford (One of the eldest Blade Children)

Takahisa Tajima (Pyrokineticist)

Kagari (Skinny male sekirei developing female characteristics)

Sasha (His stigmata)

Female Characters


Koyomi Shirakawa


Euphemia Li Britannia

Okuwaka Tsubomi

Sakura Haruno

Being that I don’t know a lot of pink, long-haired female characters, or maybe because I was too lazy to do research, I guess I can’t really make the  assumption that it was due to their hair. But~ the list was more than any other hair color I thought of. Even with this list, I believe still believe they get thrown under the bus. Maybe it’s because of their appeal and personality that’s so great to the point that the main characters can’t realize it? Even if they realize it, they may have figured out that their in love with another.

As for the male characters, my listing was somewhat long enough to assume that grey-haired males usually get shafted. Why is that? I’m assuming it’s because grey hair isn’t all that common among teens or younger. A curse or an ability is a justified reason to have a change in hair color… well more like loss of hair color. In exchange for the ability, you shall lose your hair color!… Well, more or less along those lines. It makes more sense if you see it that way afterall. Then again, it’s the anime world. Any hair color is possible. They could’ve used blue instead of grey hair afterall.


One Response to “Getting Shafted – Is it the Hair?”

  1. glothelegend

    The dude with the eye looks cool, and that’s my motivation for watching this show.

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