From the fryer into… brown bags… 2?

Posted On January 21, 2010

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Ugh. Here we go again.

For those of you who came from the old blog, you may recognize this title. My first ever post was about my high school cafeteria and prices while being related to anime (which I used Code Geass) in some sort of fashion. I also had some positive feedback on the post, which of course made me happy. Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m reusing this title. “Are your classmates boycotting against prices again?” is probably what your thinking. Well, no. Actually, it’s something that I believe that should be protested against.

A few weeks ago, my senior classmate was doing his work while another one of my classmates pretended to put something down his shirt. Believing that he felt it go down his pants, he unbuckled his pants and partially mooned (only the top of the crack was showing) my classmate who did that to him. Unfortunately, the teacher was right behind him when he mooned him, so he was sent to one of our vice principles (we have 3). After telling the story, he came back to class being told that he has to do community service + detention. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The next day, the teacher made a written complaint about it so he had to go back to the same vice principle. His punishment went from community service + detention to suspension. Eventually, they called in his parents and the suspension went to a decision between “withdrawl” or “expulsion”. The parents chose… expulsion. During our dress down day the Friday of that week, some of my classmates decided to wear shirts saying, “Everyone needs a little crack. Bring ______ back!” and “______ 2010!” I’ll agree that it was a silent protest since it was only shirts that expressed their opinion, but the higher ups of the school told them to either take of their shirts or cover them up with a sweatshirt/jacket. According to the teachers, who were willing to discuss this, the higher ups did this because they believe we could start a revolt.

Well, since a silent protest didn’t work, my classmates decided a physical protest. Yes, just like the one 2 years ago. Almost all of the seniors texted, called, and facebooked (that’s a word?) each other and the underclassman to not buy lunch. Of course, since teenage word spreads as fast as bunnies propogate, there was at most 10 people who bought lunch in each lunch period. Though, I still don’t agree with this, “stop buying lunch thing”, I guess it gets our opinion across. I’m pretty sure that my classmates thought that since this method worked 2 years ago, it should work now. The first punishment was perfectly fine by me. He clearly was wrong trying to moon another classmate, but I don’t agree with the increasing severity of his punishment. He mooned someone and told the truth… I don’t really know. I just hope something is done about this.

As for anime wise, I probably have to pick Code Geass again. Afterall, it’s the only anime I can think of that goes against the decisions being made and the surroundings. Lelouch is fighting for Nunnally while we’re supporting ______. I can probably add Bleach to that since the crew tries to save Rukia from being killed. Maybe an anime related to law would fit too, but I haven’t watched any. Anywho, I wonder how this’ll all play out. I’d also like some feedback if people don’t mind.


2 Responses to “From the fryer into… brown bags… 2?”

  1. Karry

    Oh. My. God. Where did they recruit such retarded school staff ? No, wait, dont tell me, let me guess…US of A ?

  2. Josm

    Hehe, I remember how my private school was, granted they were lutheran and not catholic, so it wasn’t quite THAT strict.

    A few of the guys in my class went up a hole in the boy’s locker room during a dance, wandered around up there for awhile (I don’t know what their intentions were exactly…) and then fell through the ceiling into one of the classrooms. XD The worst they got was a few days of suspension and maybe had to pay for damages.

    I would’ve found it interesting if you went and related specific parts of Code Geass to your story, but eh, that’s just me :D. Nice story, bad school board.

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