Review – Bounen no Xamdou

Posted On January 29, 2010

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Plot Summary

On a tranquil island named, Sentan, there is a war between the military and those with Hiruko, called Xam’d. A high school boy named Akiyuki Takehara is caught in a raid of the creatures and turns into a Xam’d himself. As he lives on his life, he is forced to adapt with the Hiruko inside him or turn into stone. Luckily, he has help by a woman named Nakiami and his high school friend, Haru.


Plot: You start off with the first episode thinking, “What the hell just happened?” and then start watching the next episode, but it’s just as high paced as the first. Throughout the series, the show leaves you in suspense, whether you’re questioning what’s going to happen in the next episode or what just happened. No episode makes you feel like you can end it there to take a break or anything either. There are so many different points of views, thought processes, and events happening to even keep up in one sitting. The suspense overall makes the anime gratifying.

Stop! In the name of Justice! Or rocks…

Characters: Very nice mix of characters. You have the main guy’s two best friends and parents (who are planning a divorce at first), a postal airship made up of people who are not blood related at all (except for a mother and son), a race that are outcasts in almost every town, and the military (some good and some who want reputation). With these characters, you’re able to get the high school love, the unrequited love, the hardships of the outcasts, the closeness of friendships, and many others. The characters really add to the many themes of the series.

Production Value: Designs of the creatures, as well as their abilities, are beautiful. Also, have to take into account the different special effects the production crew had to put into every battle, explosion, transformation, etc. No extremely bright colors that glare out at you, which makes it easier on your eyes if you’re trying to down this in one shot. The character design is also pretty well done by seeing every feature that distinguishes that character the most.

Pictures say a thousand words…

Review Summary

The Good – Designs and character personalities were the major appealing attributes. Can’t forget that the OPs and EDs were very catchy as well.

The Bad – Felt too rushed throughout the series because of all the events that happened at once.

Overview8.5/10 – This is definitely an anime you would want to pick up if you want action and suspense, or even just for the music. I can’t say that this is for everyone though, due to all the different things that happen just in the first episode. Oh, can’t help but admit that I disliked the ending as well. It shouldn’t have ended the way it did. I probably would have liked it a lot more if it ended at the halfway mark of the 26th episode.


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