Review – Hanamaru Youchien

Posted On April 5, 2010

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Aren’t they so cute?

Plot Summary

Anzu is a preschooler who makes friends with the shy Koume and eccentric Hiiragi in her class. During their time in and out of school, they try to get the attention of their caretaker, Naozomi Tsuchida. The four have many adventures together, but it’s obvious that Tsuchida is more interested on Yamamoto, the caretaker of the class next door.


Plot: It’s basically the adventures of a preschooler and her friends with the mix of comedy. To me, there was a beginning, but no end. Then again, most comedies don’t really have an ending anyway.

Characters: Character development was decent. The personalities of each character was obviously shown as well as used for other episodes. I have to admit that I would love to have a “human encyclopedia” as a friend.

Production Value: Nice and simplistic. Well, more like it’s decent enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m looking at paper modelings yet simplistic enough that you don’t see a lot of details in the small things like hair, clothing, and background.

Review Summary

The Good – Fun comedy to pick up mostly to pass time.

The Bad – Most likely way too cutesy for a majority of the audience.

Overview5.5/10 – Not good and not bad either. It’s one of those animes used to pass time if you’re waiting for megavideo to stop being lame for 72 minutes. Its comedy isn’t extremely funny so someone who really needs a laugh probably shouldn’t pick this up first.


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