Review – Baka to Test Shoukanjuu

Posted On April 6, 2010

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Plot Summary

Akihisa Yoshii attends a certain school where classes are arranged from A to F in which class A has the best facilities and class F has the worst. Students are allowed to have Examination Summon Battles (ESB) with other classes, allowing them to switch facilities if they win. They compete with their summons, which are based off of their own test grades.


Plot: Comedy and teenage love blended well in this anime. One couple in particular always caught my attention when I expected some laughs and some serious notes. Also, although the middle was everywhere trying to develop relationships, the ending was wrapped up nicely.

Characters: Character development of the main six were well done. However, I didn’t like it when they introduced some characters early on in the anime and don’t use them again until the end. Made it seem like they added that character just so they can get the comedy going again, then have them disappear when they did their job.

Production Value: Amazed how detailed the character’s avatars are even though they’re chibi-sized. The battle scenes between students’ avatars were well done as well. There were a lot of pencil sketch moments of the same two characters, though.

Review Summary

The Good – Awesome ED1 and an interesting school setting (including the ESB system).

The Bad – Repetitiveness of some jokes and lack of flow in supporting characters.

Overview6/10 – Amongst comedies, this isn’t one of the bests you may watch. There’s the typical love triangle that doesn’t go anywhere as well as the abusive relationship that some may be interested in. I think most people will be interested on how the ESB system works, though. I say, “Go for the first ED”.


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