Review – Cross Game

Posted On April 8, 2010

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Plot Summary

Kou Kitamura lives next door to the Tsukishima family. He is the boyfriend of their second daughter, Wakaba, but their third daughter, Aoba, can’t stand him. Wakaba dreams that Kou will pitch at the legendary Koshien Stadium. However, a tragedy strikes her and it’s up to Kou, Aoba, and their teamates to make her dream come true.


Plot: Very well done. The challenges and failures that Kou had to overcome were nicely mixed to the slice of life feeling. There were a few fillers, but majority of the episodes were necessary to lead up to the ending. After all, you can’t obtain a “goal” unless you fall down and try again.

Characters: Character development was very well-done. Many characters changed through all of the events. However, there is a particular character that caught my eye because he was originally an aloof baseball freak that turned into a smiling, supportive member of the team.

Production Value: Not the anime you’re looking for if you want outstanding animation. The faces and hair details on some characters are really generic. At first, it took me awhile to figure out who was Kou and who was Aoba when they were pitching in the OP (I blame the cap, actually).

Review Summary

The Good – Catchy EDs, Decent lessons expressed

The Bad – Seemed like there were more episodes when needed, Slowed down too much when they tried to change into slice of life

Overview9.0/10 – First of all, major kudos to the anime for making baseball seem less boring to me. Second of all, there a few good life lessons that are seen. Third of all… I can’t think of one. I’ll just end the review from a quote from my Hip Hop instructor that fits this anime: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”


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