The Goal Scoring Shot: Is it the camera angle?

Currently, Aniki (chigaimasu) and I are keeping up with Giant Killing as our “sports type” anime for the season. When we watched episode 4, we noticed 2 things that were peculiar. At first, we blew it off as a camera angle fault so we could finish the episode. But when we went back to check, it didn’t look like a camera angle fault at all. So, today, I’ll bring up these 2 problems out into the open as well as our conclusions. Note: This post will be similar to Aniki’s old X’s and O’s post.

For those who haven’t seen Giant Killing episode 4, you probably should stop reading now even though I won’t be spoiling much. For those who read Aniki’s X’s and O’s post, instead of using diagrams to explain our thoughts, I’ll be using the time of the frame I’m referring to. Feel free to open up the episode and play the frames while reading.

Alright, the overall scene we’ll be reviewing is, of course, the goal scoring scene for the ETU team (approximately 19:02 – 19:31). The 2 peculiar things that we will take a look at are: 1) Gino’s shooting and 2) Tsubaki’s pass. We looked at other parts of the scene that could’ve been a problem, but we deemed them possible after some discussion.

1) Gino’s shooting: This was the first thing that caught our eyes first. When Gino is running to receive the ball (19.17 – 19:19), it’s obvious that Gino is coming from the right of Tsubaki and is traveling left from his previous position. Then, Gino has his small taunting scene and shoots. The problem isn’t actually the kick itself, because it’s possible to get a shot like that from his low angle. Actually, the problem is Gino’s landing (19-28 – 19:31). If you noticed, Gino’s body is traveling to the right. Unless he stopped his momentum and the ball temporarily to take the kick during his taunting scene, his body shouldn’t be traveling like that. However, the ball would have lost all of its spin if he tapped it, unless he tapped it in a way for it to spin upward. Also, in that short span of time, it’s unreasonable that he would be able to do that. Therefore, it should be only a one-shot kick.

Try running to the left, taking a kick with your left foot like Gino did, and end up with the same body position. Even if you have decent body control, it seems very unnatural to be able to travel to the right. Due to the momentum of running to the left, your body should naturally travel to the left even after taking the kick. Physically, Gino shouldn’t have that type of body-line.

2) Tsubaki’s pass: For Tsubaki’s pass, we will look at it from the time he kicks the ball to the time Gino receives it (19:13 – 19:19). When he passes the ball to Gino, the ball travels (in our perspective) toward us and to the right. The ball is also spinning to the right of the screen. Now, when the camera switches to Tsubaki’s perspective (19:17), the ball is traveling away from us and to the right. As for the spin, it’s still spinning to the right.

Okay, so it makes sense that the ball will travel to Tsubaki’s back right when he initially passes it. However, when it switches to his perspective (or somewhere around his perspective), it still shouldn’t be traveling to the back right. Instead it should be traveling to the back left, with a spin to the left. This is because when we first see him take the kick, we’re looking at it as if we’re a player right behind Tsubaki. But when the ball is reaching Gino, we’re looking at it as if Tsubaki is watching his pass, which should be similar to a mirror image from our previous scene. However, this isn’t the case..

For both of these, we concluded that the camera angle didn’t make them seem wrong, they just physically made no sense. Feel free it look at it yourself and tell us what you think about it.


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