Review – Bokurano

Posted On March 3, 2011

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Plot Summary

One day during their summer camp, 15 children find a grotto by the sea.  Within the grotto, they find computers, electronic equipment, and the owner, Kokopelli. After claiming he’s a programmer, Kokopelli persuades the children to play the new game he’s making. All, except one, signs the contract and, barely a moment later, they mysteriously find themselves on the shore unknowing what will become of them.


Plot: From episode one, Bokurano isn’t there to disappoint. Although the first few minutes seemed like you have a group of ignorant children that seem like they’re better than everyone else, the narrator jumps into the episode and grasps the viewer for the event that’s about to happen. Each episode has a steady pace with an additional twist at the end of almost each child’s arc to keep the viewer watching. Every consequence that occurs during and after the battles seem realistic, allowing the viewer to put themselves in their shoes.

All 15 kids that the world had to trust in…

Characters: With 15 children, you’d think that character development would go downhill or end up one-sided. However, Bokurano is able to let each character develop and shine even if it’s for a moment. Each child teaches and learns a lesson from each other that allows them to develop throughout their arc. And near the end, everything that the children learned from one another is all tied together to show how meaningful each lesson was.

Production Value: Overall design was mediocre, but that didn’t detract from the anime at all. With the little to any special effects (except for the explosions that happened occasionally), Bokurano gave the characters and backgrounds just enough detail to make it feel accurate for the anime. From the small lights the city to the details of a secluded home; From simplistic clothing to different facial features; nothing about Bokurano’s animation seemed all that deteriorating from the series.

Who isn’t creeped out by that Totoro-like smile?

Review Summary

The Good – Great story and feel for the characters and events. The OP and EDs were nice to listen to as well.

The Bad – Had problems connecting arcs until the end. Some twists were really predictable.

Overview9.5/10 – Bokurano is definitely an anime I’d recommend if you like action and slice-of-life. Although the animation isn’t as shiny and details as other anime on the market, it’s realistic taste covers it up nicely. Though, if you’re into Evangelion, I believe you’d enjoy it just as much as I did.


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