Anime Clubs – How do/did you advertise?

Posted On March 9, 2011

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Here’s Yuki advertising the SOS Brigade. How do you advertise your anime club?

About 3 years ago, I wrote a blog post on animeacademy about comparing my old anime club to Genshiken and asking how big everyone’s anime club is/was. Now, I want to ask a new question about everyone’s anime club: How do you show off to get new members?

Three years ago, I only had the small anime club that I created in high school. We were allowed advertise through a small display case in front of our school theater doors. However, even with that, we were only able to place convention name tags, drawings, and manga books.

Currently, I’m a freshman in college and, of course, the anime club here is much larger than the one in high school (25 members instead of just 7). As for advertisement here, our main way of getting members is through the Activities Fair that happens in the beginning of each semester, which makes sense since that’s what it’s meant for after all. At our table, we show off box sets as well as some clips from certain anime (Note: They’re all licensed since we’re only allowed to watch licensed anime as a group).

However, that isn’t our only way to show off. We also drew and painted a mural as decoration for the Asian Expo and Japan Day that happens during the year. It was a great way to get a lot of interested eyes, in my opinion. Sadly, the mural is pretty long and I doubt the table we get for the Activities Fair is long enough for us to place the mural in front of it.

Above is the mural that we painted this year. Super kudos to my Sis-like friend who painted and shaded majority of it.

Also, apparently last year, they made a design to put on shirts and sold them to all of the members. I was able to see the design recently and I hope we’re able to do a new one this year before we lose our graduating junior and seniors.

Anyway, I’ve said what my anime club does, so I’ll ask the question again: What does/did your club do to show off to get new members?


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