Quick Thoughts – Puella Madoka Magi 10

Posted On March 16, 2011

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Moe Homura is Moe~!… Wait what?

Throughout Puella Madoka Magi, there have been twists (whether they’re predictable or not) here and there that has kept viewers, as well as the blog-o-sphere, on the tip of their seats for discussion and analysis. Due to all the blogs currently covering Madoka, I will not explain the episode and/or give my thoughts, then rate it. Instead, I’ll go straight to my thoughts on it.

Episode 10 was, once again, a great episode with its tension, twists, and action. The past few episodes, I was able to predict the twists that were doomed to come, but I wasn’t expecting this newest twist. Previously being friends with Madoka… okay… but her being a hospitalized child… and super moe to top it all off!? At first, I thought she was Madoka herself in the past, which would account for Madoka’s long hair in the OP, and then thought of her being an alien like Kyubei, which was clearly wrong. I’m fine with this twist though. A moe character that knew how to make explosives and forced herself to steal guns from the Yakuza is always a win. Major points to Homura this episode.

Now, I’m pretty sure that other people have made the comparison that Homura is like Rika from Higurashi because of all the re-dos to get the perfect ending for herself, being able to save Madoka. Well, that’s not the only thing that she shares with Rika. The first 9 episodes centered around Madoka being the best Mahou Shoujo and the side-characters developing in a way for us to sympathize with Madoka’s situation better and dislike Kyubei. However, this episode slightly caused the main character to switch to Homura because now we realize that we’re at this point because of Homura’s wish and constant intervention. They’re basically similar: Get to know the characters (for Higurashi: first season; for Madoka: first few episodes) then find out the “linchpin” of the current situation (for Higurashi: second season; for Madoka: episode 10).

Stealing guns from the Yakuza like it’s no one’s business.

Now, here’s a question: Why does Kyubei say that her “wish improved the entropy”? If I remember correctly, Kyubei’s job was to collect the energy that is emitted when soul gems change into grief seeds. Did he say this to foreshadow the fact that he’ll be gaining the energy she emits when she inevitably becomes a witch? Or did he already gained energy just from the wish? Even so, why would he bring up entropy when it’s clear that Homura doesn’t realize that corrupted Mahou Shoujos turn into grief seeds until the end of her first re-do? I’m pretty sure that if Kyubei collects energy from just granting girls’ wish, it’s practically minuscule compared to the energy he would gain from the soul gem transformation, but it’s still a small question to think about as the last 2 episodes come out.


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