Puella Madoka Magi – Ideas for Tabletop gaming?

Posted On March 19, 2011

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He’s peering into your soul so you can contract with him in a tabletop game as well!

Normally, on Friday nights, I would be hanging out with my friends in the tabletop club since we have games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. However, since this weekend is Zenkaikon and majority of the club is a part of the anime club, those who had membership passes ended up going (I am not with them because they have group weekend passes while I will only be going on Saturday). So, with the left over tabletop club members that either aren’t into anime or are too poor to go to a convention, we decided to make and start up a Puella Madoka Magi tabletop game – based on the Dresden Files rulebooks – with some adjustments here and there.

In this version, the original organizations are still possible to pick from and the major characters are still able to appear at the wish of the GM. The only major changes are the appearance of the newly formed sub-group, Magical Girls, that players can become if they’re originally a human (after they come in contact with the game’s Kyubei of course) and the Witches that appear with them. Due to this, the witches appear in the normal realm instead of the Nevernever. In addition to this, stress points can be assumed to be the corruption of the soul gem under these rules.

Below are the explanations and basic stats for Magical Girls and Witches:

Magical Girls

Explanation: Magical Girls are empowered by various means with fantastic powers that both assist and complicate their lives, but manage to persevere despite this.  Some go out and battle Evil, usually with a lot of mystic firepower and weird outfits and called attacks. This is not magic for magic’s sake; the character rarely finds this enjoyable but gets morally cowed into it. Magical Girls are an unusual bunch magically speaking: They are incapable of true Evocation but make up for it by being able to use Thaumaturgical powers at Evocation speed.  Other hallmarks of the Magical girl include an Item of Power and the ability to switch in and out of Magical Girl Form.

Basic Stats:

-Item of Power (+2) (Unique among Items of power in that they confer magical abilities by drawing out the magical girl’s soul and all its potential. Unfortunately, they are generally fragile, though easily hidden.)

-The Catch (0) (Being separated from the Item of Power for distances greater than 100 meters, the girl instantly dies. Same if it is destroyed.)

-Feeding Dependency: Grief Seeds (+1)

-Thaumaturgy (-3) (magical girls default to specializing in conjuration.)

-Any 6 refresh to spend among strength, speed, toughness, spell casting, or stunts.


Explanation: Unknown abominations fueled by grief. Big, Scary, and MEAN. Powerful ones occasionally drop Grief Seeds. Other than that, they have little in common and very little is known of them.

Basic Stats:

-Claws (-1)

-Hulking Size (-1)

-Cloak of Shadows (-1)

-Demesne (-1)

– Any 6 refresh to spend among strength, speed, toughness, spell casting, etc.

During a “How to GM” session by our soon-to-be graduating members, this was engraved in our brains which proved to be quite useful.

Despite having around 4 hours of game-play, there wasn’t much progress in the one-shot due to the creative stupidity of the players… (Note: As shown above, players are idiots, but resourceful idiots). I will admit that it was very entertaining, but I wish there was more progression to see if there should be and changes in the stats…

Anyway, since it was the first time implementing the new groups, I’m relatively content with the result (since one-shots usually end up with people goofing around; but we did get Mami to cameo). However, if anyone is willing to give suggestions, whether it’s mechanics or role-playing wise or even a different type of rulebook, I’m all ears for it.


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