Review – Hourou Musuko

Posted On April 3, 2011

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Plot Summary

Shuichi Nitori, a shy, preteen boy becomes close friends with a tomboyish girl, Yoshino Takatsuki. As time goes on, it becomes apparently that Shuichi and Yoshino aren’t simply a sensitive boy and a masculine girl; they’re trans-gendered.  Together, they decide to take the first steps toward becoming who they want to be.


Plot: Very simple, realistic anime with a complex problem. Hourou Musuko has a great executed plot in the perspective of middle school kids. The problems of society, school, and relationships that are perfectly mixed into only 11 episodes (12 in reality since episode 10 and 11 were merged) and the small twists give it the realistic feeling that reel viewers in.

Characters: Other than the trans-gendered main characters, the supporting characters are quite entertaining as well. They compliment the main characters so well even though some of them cause the major problems that trouble the main characters. Overall, each necessary character matured greatly through their experiences as they all decide what to do with their lives as puberty sits in.

Simple yet beautiful in a sense

Production Value: Not very simplistic, but not exactly complex as well. To me, it doesn’t detract from the anime at all. The little physical detail changes that occur each episode was just enough to reel me in despite being simplistic.

Review Summary

The Good – Great storyline and wonderful ED (RIE FU!!!!!!!)

The Bad – Slows down in the middle a bit too much for supporting characters

Overview – 9.5/10 – Such a great anime if you’re not uncomfortable with the main theme of “sexual identity”. Though, the slice-of-life feeling lingered every episode making it easier to relate to the characters despite talking about a complicated subject. I definitely loved watching this and I’ll most likely watch episodes 10 and 11 when they come out split.


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