Review – Puella Madoka Magi

Posted On April 22, 2011

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Plot Summary

A kind 14 year old girl named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki encounter a magical creature, Kyubey. Due to this, they are offered an opportunity to gain magical powers and a wish fulfilled if she accepts the responsibility of fighting “witches”, the catalysts of despair. A friend of Kyubey, Mami Tomoe, befriends them and encourages them to make the contract only if they decides to contract with the right wish. However, for an unknown reason, another Magical Girl, named Homura Akemi, is determined to prevent Madoka from making the contract.


Plot: Perfectly unique and well executed. Definitely a new spin on the idea of a Mahou Shoujo, but that didn’t degrade the anime at all. From the seemingly normal first few episodes of a Mahou Shoujo anime to the plot “twists” that start from episode 3 and carries on through the rest of the series, everything was great. Although some of those twists seemed predictable at times, the execution pulled it all together to keep it from feeling cliche.

Characters: A great variety of characters ranging from the close, loving, caring mother to the unknown best friend. Although there lacked character development on Madoka, the development on the supporting characters helped balance that out by affecting Madoka in a sense and making her relatable.

It’s more than “meets the eye” when it comes to this smile.

Production Value: If you’re looking for a shiny and outstanding animation, then you’re clearly looking at the wrong anime. The animation is pretty simplistic whether it’s environment or characters. The first few episodes, the first thing you’ll think is, “What the hell is that?” when you see what the main characters have to fight. However, to me, the animation didn’t bother me at all. The simplistic animation made it less surreal at times and the special effects were appealing as ever.

Review Summary

The Good – Great execution throughout the entire series, awesome OP and ED, and cutest “villian” ever

The Bad – Lack of real character development on the main character, simplistic environment, and predictable twists

Overview – 10/10 – Although there are things in the Bad section, Puella Madoka Magi still deserves a 10/10 on my list. It was entertaining from beginning to end, even when the action slowed down to reel in plot and character development. I can’t guarantee that everyone will enjoy it as much as I did, but I definitely would recommend this anime to anyone and everyone. Even Shounen-anime viewers “may” like this anime.


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