Puella Madoka Magi – Incubator Game

Posted On April 29, 2011

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With my finals just a day away, I’ve been busy studying instead of catching up with the current Spring Season anime. However, I have been playing as Kyubey occasionally in this Incubator Game.

The rules are simple. You control Kyubey as he follows your mouse. Bring him to girls and he’ll start to make a contract with them (if they’re within your contract bubble) and then you drag and drop the girls to witches for them to battle it out. Both the girls and the witches have a range bubble and will attack whichever girl/witch is closest to them in their respective bubble.

Only the colored witches drop grief seeds that are spread evenly among the group of girls within the witch’s bubble. Of course, if the girls lose all of their soul purity, they will turn into a witch of their respective level. However, if their soul purity is below half, they may start attacking other magical girls, dealing an instant 9999.

After 2 minutes pass, Walpurgis Night appears and fights with the remaining girls you have. In Normal Mode, the game will stop after Walpurgis Night is defeated. In Endless (Tokoton) Mode, the game is on loop with raised levels of enemies until you run out of girls to fight with. If all of your girls end up dying, Homura appears, destroys everything, and ends the game.

Also, if you encounter a pure black mini-boss witch in Endless Mode, you will be given a chance to encounter Madoka with Homura. Due to Homura’s bubble, it takes more time for Madoka to make a contract with you and if you take too long, Homura teleports her out or Madoka/Homura die from a witch. If you succeed, you will have Madoka with your party with the respective level of Homura when they teleported in. She will do wonders of damage for your party, but at the price of it, she wrecks your party when she becomes a witch (and trust me, she will become a witch). However, it is an achievement to defeat her witch form and I will agree that it is possible so have fun trying to do so.

There’s also multiple achievements that are translated so you can keep playing the game just for that goal. I’ve been aiming for all of the achievements, but I’m still missing half. So far, my highest Normal Mode score is 107,340 and Endless Mode is 430,722,800. Hopefully, I’ll get more achievements after finals. Have fun playing!


One Response to “Puella Madoka Magi – Incubator Game”

  1. Leanne812

    my highscore is 13492400

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