Desu Diary – Two week break

Posted On May 19, 2011

Filed under Announcements, kame-chan

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These upcoming two weeks, I’ll be in Europe with my parents touring around Spain. Sadly, I will not have my laptop with me because I’m not going to risk losing it while traveling so there will definitely no posts coming from the blog starting tomorrow, Friday May 20th, to the first Thursday of June, which is the 2nd. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a new post right when I come back, but if not, expect the next post to be about Animenext 2011. That is all I need to say, so with that, I will leave you guys with the small photoshop work that I was doing this past week. Note: They’re supposed to look like card fronts.

These were quickly made so I’m sorry for the poor cropping and merging. If I had more time, I’d vector everything out first before placing it onto the background but I’ll be leaving tomorrow so that’s a no. Though, these may look good as a fan/member card for those who go on myanimelist so if you wish for me to make one for you and under your user name, just leave me a comment. Or those who want to criticize my poor photoshop work, feel free to comment as well.


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