Random Youtube Findings – Pokemon: The Musical and Mario-Bruno Mars Parody?

After coming back from Europe, catching up on the Summer Season, fully watching Star Driver, and recovering from jet lag, I decided to scurry around some music+anime-related fan-made videos on youtube. Of course, there’s the usual piano, guitar, bass, band, and even violin renditions of OPs and EDs on there, as well as the amazingly done Mario Paint Composer ones (in which I also found a Nyan Cat version which I kind of do and don’t regret). But I ended up finding two videos that struck me (though they strayed a bit from the anime concept a bit) the most:

Pokemon: The Musical

Comments: Uploaded just a month ago, this fan-made video is great with the mixture of both the anime and the game. Although the looks of the characters aren’t all that accurate, like having Jesse, James, and Meowth be the racially diverse people, but overall, it gives a message that anyone who has seen the anime or played the game would understand. Though, I don’t understand why Meowth is the one that gets to drive.

Mario Parody with Bruno Mars – Grenade

Comments: Uploaded almost 2 months ago, this fan-made video mixes the song, Grenade, from Bruno Mars with the theme of Mario that has been building up these many years. Although most of the areas look like they’re CG’d, the lyrics are pretty entertaining to listen to and quite accurate. It shows all of the love and pain from Mario to Princess Peach and you’ll be entertained at the ending. Anyone who has played just one game or know the gist of the Mario games will understand this (basically) completely.


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