Review – Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Posted On June 24, 2011

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Plot Summary

The six childhood friends were once known among each other as the “Super Peace Busters”. However, after the death of their close playmate, Meiko Honma, the remaining five friends started to grow apart. Their old leader, Jinta Yadomi, neglects going to high school and lives a life as a shut-in. Unexpectedly, he begins to see the ghost of Meiko, who can only interact with him and no one else. She asks Jinta to fulfill the forgotten wish she had as a kid… while becoming friends again with their old playmates.


Plot: Throughout the series, the plot seems to pull at almost every emotional point possible between the six friends while not straying too much from their objective. However, the ending seemed a bit rushed with the round-a-bout confessions between the five friends, but that didn’t deteriorate a lot from the effect of the episode. Each part of the plot had a realistic feel (minus the fact that they’re interacting with a ghost) and consequence that made it easier to relate to for any type of viewer. Overall, with some cliffhangers in a few of the episodes and comedy here and there to loosen up the mood at times, AnoHana did very well to execute its plot in merely 11 episodes.

Characters: Nearly every main character was given time to develop throughout the series, even the mother of Meiko. Each character development was intertwined with another, which made the transitions seem smoother while adding the realistic actions and thoughts of the supporting characters. The characters were given enough time to show their best and worst traits that were resolved cleanly in the ending.

With a smile like that, who would’ve thought she couldn’t go off to heaven… Menma T_T!!!

Production Value: Throughout the series, AnoHana has beautiful animation in both characters and backgrounds that add more effect to every dramatic and comedic part in the episodes. The necessary expressions and tears were greatly detailed to help give more impact to the plot and the characters. Even the fades and shines were detailed when they needed to be and that made the episode even more beautiful.

Review Summary

The Good – Great execution, realistic feel between characters and their parents, and awesome OP and ED (well, soundtrack overall)

The Bad – Slightly rushed ending

Overview – 10/10 – AnoHana is, no doubt, my favorite anime of the Spring 2011 series and my favorite (overall) drama anime. And although the ending seemed rushed, it didn’t deteriorate from the overall effect of the ending and series allowing it to get a 10/10 on my list. If you’re looking for a drama series, then AnoHana is definitely for you. Though, it won’t overwhelm you with drama with its comedic areas here and there. In all reality, I’ll honestly recommend this series to anyone if they want a slice-of-life/drama series. There’s a piece of everyone in the characters just through reactions alone and I would love others to find that as well.


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