Review – C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Posted On June 28, 2011

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Plot Summary

Kimimaro Yoga, a poor, scholarship student, wants to live a stable, ordinary life in a world of unemployment, crime, and suicide. One day, he meets a man who offers him an abundant amount of money if he allows his “future” to be held as a collateral. After agreeing to this offer, Kimimaro is drawn into a mysterious realm called the “Financial District”, where he has to enter a “deal” every week and battle other entrepreneurs with their assets just to keep their money and not lose part of their future.


Plot: There were multiple side stories introduced, but there felt like there was no connection between each side story. Even if there was a connection, it was for a few seconds and wasn’t explained, making it harder to keep up with the series. Everything seemed very vague and hard to keep up with. There were nice and interesting ideas introduced, but due to the disconnection of ideas in every episode, they weren’t as appealing as they could have been.

Characters: There were many different types of characters, but almost none of them had long screen time or character development. Even the characters that had character development, they were rushed and ended up being bland overall. Even some relationships between characters were just introduced and not expanded on, making it seem like they were only there to fill screen time.

Deals and assets look pretty awesome, but I would never want my future used as a collateral.

Production Value: The character design, backgrounds, and special effects were quite detailed and really well-done. Even the simplistically designed assets were detailed and beautiful. Though, some of the color schemes on a few of the characters were slightly unappealing, but it’s understandable for the type of character.

Review Summary

The Good – Interesting ideas economically and present-future based and awesome OP

The Bad – Lack of connection between episodes and ideas

Overview – 7/10 – If it was longer than 11 episodes, like around 24-26, it probably would have been a better series. However, since it only lasted for a season, the series kept jumping around, making it hard to keep up or be inclined to care about any of the characters. Some people would probably like the economical intake of the series, but even that is tossed and turned around between Kimimaro finding random facts or seeing people lose their “future”. I did enjoy it at some parts, but probably not something I’d rewatch or recommend to anyone. Though, if you are going to watch this, it’s not something you can easily marathon through if you want to understand it.


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