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Posted On June 29, 2011

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Plot Summary

Tooru just graduated middle school and is becoming a first year in the same high school as her best friend, Run. While leaving to tell Run the good news, she catches Run and one of her friends in a weird moment. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Tooru finds herself always hanging by Run and her friends both in and out of school.


Plot: This slice-of-life plot was good even though it was basically the days in the life of Tooru and her friends. The small pieces of comedy in each episode and the different insert songs at the end of each episode, which were related to what they’re doing, were nice touches to the overall feel as well.

Characters: The characters are very interesting in both personality and interests. Each character was given their time to shine or impact Tooru in some way. There were little bits of character development here and there with everyone’s relationships with each other, but mainly with Tooru, that was nice.

Jiiiiiiiiii~ Cute chibi version of Tooru is staring at you!… with her blank eyes…

Production Value: Had nice, simplistic backgrounds that go with the slice-of-life feel. Characters were also quite detailed in their normal states, especially in the different eye types, hair designs, and clothing. The simple chibi states here and there for the comedic areas were nicely placed as well, making it more enjoyable during their “derpy” (yes, I said it) moments.

Review Summary

The Good – Nicely placed insert songs

The Bad – Almost unbearable hairdo of Run

Overview – 8/10 – If you watched and liked Minami-ke or K-ON, then you’ll definitely like A Channel. You get the nice slice-of-life feel that you get from both although it doesn’t seem as funny as Minami-ke. Though, you still get the relatively creepy male character voiced by Daisuke Ono, so, I think that’s a win. Anyway, A Channel is definitely an anime you can watch if you need to pass time and don’t want to think too much. Overall, I really liked A Channel and felt like Tooru the entire way, mainly by personality and height.


One Response to “Review – A Channel”

  1. tomphile

    I’d say that you could link this anime with Lucky Star too – the art looks similar.

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