Review – Dog Days

Posted On June 30, 2011

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Plot Summary

In the land of Fronaldo, the Republic of Biscotti has been aggressively attacked by the Lion Kingdom of Galette. After losing the past few battles and morale among the people, Princess Millhiore summons a “hero”, Shinku Izumi, who is a middle school student from Japan, who can save their country from being overrun. While taking up the hard task of being a “hero”, Shinku must also follow the peculiar rules of the battles he’s assigned to. However, there is more to these aggressive battles from the Lion Kingdom than it seems.


Plot: The plot is pretty straight forward the entire way. Shinku was summoned to be a “hero” so he becomes a “hero” in more ways that one. The most interesting add-on to the plot are the battles themselves. The world of Fronaldo have battles that seem like the anime version of the mixture of Final Fantasy, Ragnarok Online, and Wipeout, so of course, comedy must ensue. Also, the overall use for the battles are weird yet interesting in their own way, so it made Dog Days more enjoyable.

Characters: With the wide range of interesting characters, you’ll find a piece of everything in Dog Days. All the characters had time to shine in the 13 episodes while not straying from the main plot and each character were very entertaining. There was some character development, but amazingly not all that much coming from Shinku. However, that didn’t bother me all that much since I ended up liking the characters that did get development.

San-baka(Three idiots) team are pretty awesome if you get over their collective comedic stupidity.

Production Value: Both the background and the characters are beautifully detailed throughout the series. Even the special effects of the abilities and the small comedic scenes were animated nicely while the seiyuus made it more enjoyable with the expression in their voices.

Review Summary

The Good – Interesting battle sequences

The Bad – Straightforward plot

Overview – 9/10 – If you’re looking for a fun anime to pick up, then Dog Days is something you’d like. Although near the end, it gets pretty serious, it doesn’t dwindle it from being a fun anime to watch over all. Dog Days is pretty outrageous, but a good type of outrageous, if you know what I mean… and who wouldn’t love a main character who “apparently” went through an anime version of Sasuke.


One Response to “Review – Dog Days”

  1. Silver

    Hehe this show was definitely fun. I sure hope that it sells well enough for a second season. However although the production value was high, there were issues with certain part like one of the battle scenes where Cinque and Eclair was back to back while Milhiore was looking at them through the mirror. That part was just horrible.

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