Review – Astarotte no Omocha

Plot Summary

Princess Lotte, a young succubus, needs to install a harem for “life seed” for when she grows into an adult. However, due to a trauma from her childhood, she despises men and surrounds herself with women servants, who have their own types of problems. While looking for a job, Naoya Touhara is taken by one of Lotte’s servants and offered a place into the harem. Naoya finds out that, despite her selfishness, Lotte is actually pretty lonely and decides to stay in the mysterious world… if they adhere his request to bring his daughter, Azuha, with him.


Plot: Despite having an intimidating premise, Astarotte no Omocha skips the whole harem part and goes straight to an innocent, romantic comedy that tries to get Lotte to become used to males and other problems (good thing too, because I don’t think the harem aspect would work all too well with Lotte being as young as she is). The plot was pretty much straight forward throughout the entire anime, except a few back story parts on Naoya, Azuha, and Lotte’s mother. Though, those parts gave a nice feel and something to think about as the story progresses.

Characters: All of the characters have their own interesting quirks about their personality that were introduced or explained throughout the series, giving some interesting or slightly frightening comedic moments. Each character was given enough screen time to make an impact on the main characters, even the ones introduced in the middle of the series. As for character development, the only main characters had major development, but that didn’t bother me since the supporting characters were the reason it all happened.

For an innocent anime, I’ll have to admit that Lotte’s mother is pretty hot.

Production Value: The background and characters are simple yet beautiful and worked very well with innocent, romance comedy that it was looking for, especially the multiple facial expressions. The seiyuus picked to voice certain characters definitely fit their part which, to me, gave their character more of a realistic feel, especially Lotte’s tsundere personality.

Review Summary

The Good – Nicely transitions into an innocent, romantic anime

The Bad – Plot sometimes strays to give characters screen time

Overview – 8/10 – If you’re looking for a cute, innocent, romantic comedy, then Astarotte no Omocha is for you. Although it’s not fully romance, like a romantic drama, the parts are all intertwined into a romantic feel and the comedy will keep you entertained for quite a bit. And when I mean innocent, I definitely mean innocent because even the slightly disturbing parts, due to character personalities, felt innocent instead of intimidating. If you liked Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (the first season) and Zero no Tsukaima, then you’ll like Astarotte if you’re willing to take away the action parts.


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