Happy Birthday to… myself!

Posted On July 2, 2011

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(To the theme of “Mary had a little Lamb”)
Watashi no Tanjoubi… (My birthday…)
Tanjoubi… (birthday…)
Tanjoubi… (birthday…)
Watashi no Tanjoubi (My birthday)
Kiteimashita~ (has come~)

That’s right! This female solo-blogger has just turned 19 and it’s time to celebrate!

It’s been 3 years since I joined the blog-o-sphere through animeacademy. Since that blog was shut down almost two years ago, I created this blog that was meant to keep the original feel of the old blog. However, I haven’t been a frequent blogger, as some of you would know, due to studying for classes and making new friends in college… My posts haven’t been as intellectual or inspiring as my older brothers, koneko-chan and chigaimasu… And I haven’t been posting once a week as I would’ve liked to as a solo-blogger. Despite all that, I’m still here and kicking so I’d like to thank the few people (who I don’t know) that regularly check this blog to give me motivation to blog more. As a present to you readers, I will post a few pictures of the Gurren Lagann cake my friends and I made for my Anime Club on Valentine’s Day (I was on haitus at the time so I didn’t post them before).

The above picture has the Friend-zone Moose. If you can see this moose, you have been friend-zoned… haven’t you?

However, since my birthday is 2 days after my father’s and 2 days before Independence Day, it’s usually overlooked. So, telling the blog-o-sphere about my birthday is probably the present to myself. I don’t know… but I’m glad you guys have been reading my blog so far. Thank you! =)


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to… myself!”

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    Happy Birthday hope it was a good one!

  2. none

    Happy Birthday I hope it will be a great one.

  3. none

    Happy Birthday I hope you have another great one this year.

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