Voice Track in Video Games – English or Japanese?

Posted On July 28, 2011

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First off, like usual, I’m so behind on my first thoughts review of the Summer Season that I might as well wait until 2 weeks pass by so I can write the midway season review instead. Secondly, I am sorry for the lack of posting this past month, but it was mainly due to the fact that I was unlocking as much stuff from Dynasty Warriors 7, which will be a part of the topic today, so let’s get started.

So, quick question for you anime-loving gamers out there: When you get a Japanese corp. game, do you listen to it voiced in English or Japanese?

Why do I ask? Well, when I started playing Dynasty Warriors 7, I was just listening to the game in English, because that’s how it came to me. However, when I decided to skim the store to see what little additions I can add to the game, I found the Japanese Voice Track and instantly “bought” it [Note: The voice track was free so I didn’t exactly pay or anything] as if on instinct. After that, I changed the settings of DW7 and unlocked the rest of the game in Japanese.

While I was doing that, another instinct started to kick in: who is voiced by an anime seiyuu and which seiyuu is that? Now, for most of you would know, since games take up a lot of time and money, usually they wouldn’t pay for some hot shot voice actors or relatively known ones. To my surprise, there were 2 decent seiyuu that I instantly recognized from DW7: Ai Nonaka and Kanae Itou. But, I also ended up looking up the English voice actors and they did quite the same thing by paying money to have Vic Mignogna voice one of the playable male officers in the expansion pack.

Should I be surprised that Ai Nonaka voices the one character that acts like a cute tiger for her musou? Probably not.

Okay okay, it wasn’t too surprising with KOEI since they sometimes have the money to pay for decent seiyuu, but when Eternal Sonata came out, I remember picking out Aya Hirano and Hiro Shimono out of the Japanese voice track. Anyway, back to my case, I think I love listening to Japanese (and used to it) so much that I just instinctively change any games’ voice track to Japanese if possible. But now it seems like a case of Sub vs. Dub again… So, I might as well ask again: When you get a Japanese corp. game, do you listen to it voiced in English or Japanese?


2 Responses to “Voice Track in Video Games – English or Japanese?”

  1. Karry

    If its Dynasty Warriors it doesnt matter, if its not Mandarin – both English and Japanese suck.

  2. kame-chan

    @Karry – Understandable. After all, Dynasty Warriors is based off of Chinese history. I would’ve liked Chinese dub for something like DW, but there isn’t sadly. However, for a broader view of games, I’d probably settle for Japanese any day.

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