Summer Season 2011 – Mid-Season Thoughts

As the start of classes for me are just around the corner (since I go back in exactly a week) and we reach midway into the Summer 2011 Season, it’s time for the quick Mid-Season Thoughts for everything I’m keeping up with. I will also add some thoughts of certain anime that bled into this season from the Spring 2011 Season. Since that brings me almost to 20 anime, I should start talking/typing/whatever!

Ro-Kyu-Bu – A typical slice-of-life comedy while being centered around elementary school kids playing basketball. As the comedy isn’t rolling-on-floor-laughing, the slice-of-life part covers for it nicely. Though, the thing that’s really pulling me to this anime is the basketball part to it. Although it isn’t as sports-strong as an anime like Giant Killing, the basketball practices and matches are the things pulling me to watch this still, as short as they are.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou – Starring a self-proclaimed NEET Detective, a transfer student, and an interesting group of every type of person you can find “working” for the young, self-proclaimed NEET Detective, Kami-sama no Memo-chou does well in the mystery genre. Although there isn’t a crime that needs to be solved all the time, the comedy and action covers for it nicely as each arc leads up to another. Though, I get the feeling that Alice will be forced out of the house (since she got out of her room once already) due to a request, soon. And it won’t be for a good reason.

Sacred Seven – Another Sunrise anime consisting of the supernatural powers and “mechas”. Why the quotations? Well, that’s because there actually has been only one real mecha the entire series so far and hasn’t been the real focus or grunt of power of the main character. Despite that, this Sunrise original is doing pretty well for itself action-wise. Though, some battles feel like they lack tension, but I won’t get into that.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – A sweet, slice-of-life anime of the life of a young, Japanese girl, Yune, helping an ironworks shop in Paris, France, owned by Claude Claudel (yes, that is his name). With the culture clash between Japanese and French, the slice-of-life factor shines brightly as Yune and Claude try to understand and care for each other. Throughout Ikoku so far, it gives a nice, caring feeling that makes me love the characters even more.

Yuruyuri – With a hint of yuri here and there, this school-life comedy between the lives of 3… I mean, 4 middle schoolers is quite entertaining. Ranging from a sensible, motherly Yui to the outgoing, in-your-face Kyouko, the small bits of comedy that’s bound to happen between them and their friends is funny enough. However, even though the yuri daydreams by Chitose seem out of the way most of the time, the comedy the pursues it keeps me from disliking it and withstanding those daydream sequences.

Kami-sama Dolls – Starting off strong and keeping a steady pace is this action and drama packed anime. In the first few episodes, I believed that Aki is the pure villain out to wreck Kyousuke and his life. However, I found out quickly that he was merely just a catalyst to cause necessary drama for the Kyousuke, sister, and friend. While keeping the calm parts of the series cute and caring, the drama packed parts are crazy and daring. Probably my favorite part of this anime so far isn’t the drama and action itself, but the sudden, traumatized look on every character’s face during every battle or problem. I’m really looking forward to seeing if we’ll get to see Kyousuke controlling a kakashi once again or even working with Aki near the end.

Usagi Drop – Another cute and sweet slice-of-life anime, but based off of parenting. The nice, caring relationship between Rin and Daikichi is the selling point of this anime. Despite having Rin with no legitimate parents, causing Daikichi to decide to take care of her and forcing him to make some sacrifices for her sake, you can clearly tell how close and trusting this duo is. Rin’s different faces make me want to hug her so badly for being so cute  as well. However, after episode 5, it makes me question if Rin’s father isn’t who we think it is so I’m waiting for an answer on that.

No. 6 – No. 6 didn’t catch my attention until episode 2, when everything started to hit rock bottom even harder on Sion. To find out that the super high-tech environment has authority that hates it when you even think of defying them is quite typical, but for Nezumi to watch over Sion while running for his life is applaud-able to me. I’m looking forward to how the bond between Sion and Nezumi gets tested while the crazy epidemic spreads faster.

Mayo Chiki – The only romance comedy, other than Baka to Test Second II, that I picked up this season, Mayo Chiki keeps me wanting to watch more. The comedy, of course, is the driving factor as Kinjirou tries to get over his gynophobia and Konoe tries to protect her first friend. With a crazy, funny rich girl like Kanade, I’m sure the bond between Kinjirou and Konoe will be tested even more in fun and interesting ways.

Mawaru Penguindrum – Making me give the: “What in the hell f*ck!?” type of face since the first episode, Penguindrum is entertaining in it’s own right. At first, the show was all over the place, but as the main characters found out the gist of what to do, the story started to smooth a lot better, while being crazy and all over the place as well. I’ll admit that it has a lot of potential and I’m hoping it doesn’t drop bomb near the end, somehow. Though, even if it does, I’m pretty sure I can go up to a random otaku and yell, “SEIZON SENRYAKU~!” and they would know what I’m talking about… somehow.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu Ni! – There isn’t much for me to say about this second season adaption of Baka to Test. I loved the romance comedy from the first season and this second season is just as great. I’m just so glad that there was an episode based off of the twins. There just wasn’t enough Hideyoshis.

Dantalian no Shoka – Giving a GOSICK type of feel, this mystery anime is still hard for me to get a hang of. Although I look forward to watching it every week, I still don’t understand some things that goes on since books don’t interest me. Even if books interested me, Dantalian is definitely an anime you need to go through twice to understand everything you need to understand. Maybe a third time if you want to get the little details.

Nyanpire + Double-J – This season, I decided to look up the two 5 minute-episodes each animes that are coming out. Out of the two of them, Nyanpire caught my interest much faster than Double J. Maybe it’s because the characters are so cute since they’re all cats. Or maybe I just couldn’t get into the slap-stick comedy in Double-J. Who knows, but they’re good passing episodes to watch as you wait for the 60 minutes to pass on your video stream limiter *sighs*

Steins;Gate – One of the Spring Season 2011 anime that bled over to this season, this anime has definitely gotten much, much better since my last mid-season review. I remember saying that it “lacked action” and now I’m willing to take that back. With all of the drama that’s coming in the final stretch of the series, Steins;Gate has definitely jumped from the boat of passingly interesting to one of my favorite anime. All the platonic love for Mayushii. So much love. (失敗した。)

Ao no Exorcist – Keeping a steady balance between action and comedy, Ao no Exorcist is still pushing strong this season. I had the feelings that things would go downhill much later but who cares. It was executed pretty well so I’m not complaining. I just wish that Rin wasn’t so much of a hot-headed meat-head…

As for Nichijou, Sket Dance, Hanasaku Iroha, and Beelzebub, I’m still watching them and liking all of them quite a lot (although Beelzebub is getting a bit long for my taste), but there isn’t much for me to say about them. I also wanted to pick up Blood-C, but didn’t really have time or real motivation to watch it at this time. I may pick it up later, but who knows with classes just around the corner. I dropped Itsuka Tenma at around episode 3 since I couldn’t handle the relationship between the two main characters either. Anyway, that’s all so I’ll just say… SEIZZZOOOONNNNN SENNNRRYYAAAKKKKUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine~! Okay, I had my fun…


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