Puella Magi Madoka – Tabletop Gaming Part 1

Posted On October 15, 2011

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With the start of classes in August, it was also the start of the Credens Justitiam campaign within the tabletop club at my college. As some of you would know, my friend and I have been trying to find a way to add a Madoka Magica feel into already-made rulebook systems, but our first attempt was basically a failure. However, over the summer, my tabletop club president placed it upon himself to make his own Puella Magi Madoka Magica rulebook.

His rulebook was greatly inspired by the Magical Burst RPG… like seriously, a lot of inspiration. Under his permission, I’m allowed to post up his rulebook onto this blog. So, here is the Credens Justitiam 1.0 rulebook. Once again, all credit to the rulebook creation is to my tabletop club president and the respective sources he used.

For those who want to make their own campaign or be a player of someone hosting a campaign, below is the basic gist of my character sheet.

Name: Kitsune Shinoki (Sherry Kanazawa)

Age: 14

Weapon: Nunchuck

Wish: Revenge

Magical "Element": Ninja

Character Background: Sherry Kanazawa was domestically
abused by her parents and also raped by her father. Having
no sibling or friend to lean on or protect, she escaped to the
mountains nearby her home. Barely living on river water and
berries, a mountain dweller, named Terryl Shinoki, decides to
take Sherry under his care. After two years living with
Terryl and learning how to take care of herself in the
wild, Sherry started to open up once again and took
the alias, Kitsune Shinoki, to forget her past. However, one
day, a stranger was walking up the cliff where they were
living and was attempting to commit suicide. At this time,
Sherry was able to see weird magical creatures and
recognized the mark on the stranger's neck was similar to
the magical creatures. Sherry urged Terryl to keep away
from the stranger, but Terryl still tried to prevent the
suicide. Angered, the controlled stranger pulled Terryl
down the cliff as well. Devastated, Sherry met a strange
creature that called himself, Kyubey. He told her that
other than reviving Terryl, she could wish for something
greater in his stead. Influenced by this little creature,
she mustered up the courage and anger she had and made
her wish: Revenge against witches for Terryl.

Mundane Attributes:

Strength - 2
Smarts - 1
Speed - 3

Magical Attributes:

Magic - 2
Heart - 1
Fury - 3



Soul Gem Design: Earring Stud (Right)

Corruption Points: 64

Now, your character background doesn’t have to be this grim dark, but I just felt like playing a character like this for the campaign. And I know my character basically wished to be a magical girl. That’s not the point… Anyway, your character sheet may not look exactly like mine depending on what restrictions your GM will place on you as well.

As for this post stating Part 1 in the title, that’s because I plan on posting on how the campaign I’m in is working. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write that post up soon before I become overwhelmed with classes again. Also, it has been more than a month since we started the campaign. Since the original rendition, there have been many changes to the playing system and so this is the most edited version of the rulebook. If there is any changes to it, I will notify what changes are made in a new post as well as more details on how the campaign is going.

Anyway, if you or a friend decide to make their own campaign and come across some questions or problems using this rulebook, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to get to it ASAP. If you feel like this rulebook isn’t good at all, then feel free to leave a comment about your disappointment as well. Also, I’m open to any suggestions. Ultimately, if you plan on playing with your friends using this rulebook, thank you very much and have fun =)


2 Responses to “Puella Magi Madoka – Tabletop Gaming Part 1”

  1. Karrin Blue

    Fun. I’m gonna try to convince one of my friends to DM this. I even made a prototype character–kindly tell me what you think. One thing: I think that as a Puella Magi gains levels, they should also be able to gain an extra weapon (maybe.) After all, Mami started out with just ribbons, and later learned to make guns and (I think) grenades.

    Anyways, onto the character:

    Name: Sera Rinner
    Age: 15
    Weapon: Magical Threads/cleaver
    Wish: To control her own fate, and to change the fates of others
    Magical ‘Element’: Mind/fate
    Character Background: Sera was controlled from birth, moving around a lot. Growing up, she felt that she had no control over her own life. When she was kidnapped as a child, she met Kyubey, and wished that she could be able to control her own life, and free others from their own fates. She gained the ability to see into the minds of others, and convince them to do anything. However, she found it hard to emphasize with others, and ended up convincing girls to become Puella Magi to fight her battles for her. When she found out about the truth of the Puella Magi system, she almost fell into despair. She then resolved to prevent anyone else from becoming a Witch, and will violently stop anyone from making frivolous wishes without knowing the whole truth of the system.
    Mundane Attributes:
    • Strength -1
    • Smarts – 3
    • Speed – 2
    Magical Attributes
    • Magic – 3
    • Heart – 1
    • Fury – 2
    Powers: Mind control
    Soul Gem Design: a choker

  2. kame-chan

    @Karrin – Under DM’s consent, you are free to have as many weapons as possible if it works with your background. Remember that your weapons are merely magical manifestations. Your character can magically create any weapon they want, but their starting weapon are what they’ll be best at. Such as, in battle, your weapon is taken out of your hand, you can use up a turn and have it re-manifest in your hand. Now, you can be adept with two weapons, but that will be based on your character background or wish.

    As for your character sheet. It looks pretty good. However, I would take out the information about the Puella Magi system unless your DM wants you to act like a veteran (in which your Magical Attributes would be higher as well). The tabletop game, just like the anime, should be pretty grim dark and if you take away the huge plot hole, it’ll make it harder for the DM to pull your character into the grim-dark story. Try to make it concise without a lot of detail. The way your character develops around the Puella Magi System will be based on what your DM decides to throw at you and how you want to react to it. This way, more surprises can ensue and it’ll be more entertaining for you, the DM, and the party.

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