The X's and O's: Even Kyo-Ani is human.

Posted On February 3, 2008

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chigaimasu-48.jpgSo.. Long time no hear from me. Hey, I’m a growing college boy with a lot of work, class and lab related, on his hands. I had a post in the works to sum up how I thought about the big scary “R” word (recession), but Bernanke dropped the rate three-quarters, so it appears crisis averted for now.

Anyway, to the topic. I think everyone who wanted to has probably seen Clannad 16 by now, and if not, well, then you can stop reading here, but I’m not spoiling much, if at all, so you might be ok.

I liked the basketball part of the episode. Sure it didn’t really provide much in terms of actual story development, but it was fun and a pretty good change of pace to come out of the Kotomi arc. Watching Kyou make it rain 3-pointers and Tomoya manage the game was pretty sweet. And the game winner.. my goodness. The contact, the miracle heave from his back before he hits the ground, the kiss off the backboard, that “shooter’s bounce” off the front of the rim, and the swish as time expired… classic. You can’t find stuff like that in real life.

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