Fall Season 2011 – First Impressions

Once again, I let my macro slip. Reason: Classes, of course. This entire week, I’ve been on Fall break so I’ve had the time to catch up on all of the anime I’ve been behind on as well as take a peek on the episodes currently out from the Fall Season 2011 set. For once, I’ll be on time for a legitimate First Impressions post so let’s get this started. (Note: More information on how the blog will run during the school year at the end of the post)

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Starting up again – Thoughts on Winter Season 2011

And with this, Kame-chan will start up Desu Diary once again.

Having gone through more than half-way through my first year of college, I feel like I can finally manage the time to do my weekly blog posts once again and revive this solo blog. Of course, there are no guarantees, but I’ll try my best. Well, I’ll start this off with my thoughts on the anime I picked up on during Winter Season 2011. (Warning: Will contain spoilers)

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