Review – C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Posted On June 28, 2011

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Plot Summary

Kimimaro Yoga, a poor, scholarship student, wants to live a stable, ordinary life in a world of unemployment, crime, and suicide. One day, he meets a man who offers him an abundant amount of money if he allows his “future” to be held as a collateral. After agreeing to this offer, Kimimaro is drawn into a mysterious realm called the “Financial District”, where he has to enter a “deal” every week and battle other entrepreneurs with their assets just to keep their money and not lose part of their future.

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Spring Season 2011 – Mid-Season Thoughts

After finishing finals just last week and catching up on anime the past 3 days, I can finally post my current thoughts on the anime I picked up this Spring Season 2011. (Warning: Will contain spoilers)

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